A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

'2.5D' Puzzle/Platformer made for the Rainbow Game Jam 2016. The theme of the jam revolved around 'Identity':

Set out on your adventure as Jimmy as you play across different worlds on your quest to discover your true identity...only at the end will you fully understand what this game is about. (*Hint there's a cutscene*)

Andrew Beattie - Design

Lucas Mendonça - Art

Daniel Hayes - Code

Stephen O'Donnell - Audio

**Known Issue - Try to fix by playing in the highest screen size available. There are 3 puzzles in the space level but camera placement makes them difficult to find so make sure to explore! Check the screenshot if you are stuck.**


JimmyDivided_Windows 50 MB
JimmyDivided_Mac.zip 51 MB


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good game good game.